Speed Sensors

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Order speed sensors online from GSF Car Parts. We have great aftermarket parts from top auto brands at competitive prices that will help keep the cost of essential repairs as low as possible. Not sure what part is right for your car? Our handy product finder will show you the way: just enter your reg number and we'll take you to the sensors that are made for your vehicle.

There are a few different types of vehicle speed sensor (or VSS), but all varieties have essentially the same function: measuring the speed that the car is travelling at, usually by measuring the transmission output or wheel speed. The VSS then sends this information to the onboard computer, which uses this data to modify engine functions like ignition timing, transmissions shifts, or other diagnostic routines.

It's very important that the speed sensor provides accurate results, as the car cannot function without reliable readings. If yours needs replacing, you'll be pleased to learn that we have an extensive range from top brands, including VW and BMW speed sensors. So, no matter what make and model you have, you're sure to find the right part here at GSF Car Parts.

Modern vehicles rely on all sorts of sensors to keep them running smoothly. including brake pad wear sensors, parking assist sensorsair pressure sensors, MAP sensors, steering angle sensors, and many more. Browse our full range of car sensors to find more essential parts today.

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