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Braking Parts

Whether you’re in the trade, or one of our many retail customers, you can purchase an array of car braking parts for all major makes and models of car right here. No matter what repair project you need to carry out, you will find brake parts by leading manufacturers; all available at competitive prices from GSF. Read More

More on Brakes

There are two major kinds of car brake, disc brakes and drum brakes. In all automotive vehicles, each wheel uses its own brake to slow the car and eventually stop. In terms of motoring safety, car brakes are essential and all brake parts should be checked and tested regularly in order to ensure that your car’s maximum braking performance is maintained. Car brake parts include brake discs and pads, brake drums and shoes, hydraulic parts and much more. ABS brake systems require a variety of parts which include sensors and other technical items. These are critical to your car’s braking performance. Each individual brake part serves an important purpose in ensuring your brakes function at the maximum every time you press the brake pedal. When it comes to replacing brake parts, it is important that you select compatible, quality parts that are right for the car in question.

All you have to do, to ensure that you buy the right braking parts for your car is enter your registration number into the box and we will direct you to a list of the compatible braking parts for your car.