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Timing Belt Tensioners

Find quality aftermarket timing belt tensioners for both automatic and manual vehicles at GSF Car Parts. We stock reliable and long-lasting tensioners that will maintain the right level of tension in the timing belt, ensuring the engine timing system operates at peak efficiency. Just use the product finder above to find the best match for your car by entering your vehicle's reg number or make and model.

What is a Timing Belt Tensioner?

The timing belt runs through several of the engine's main components, including the alternator, power steering, water pump and air con compressor. To work properly, the belt must run at a constant tension in perfect synchronicity. The tensioner ensures that the belt runs at precisely the correct tension so that the alternator can produce enough power to turn the pulleys that drive all of the other components.

The timing belt tensioner consists of four parts: the base, tensioner arm, spring, and tensioner pulley. If a fault develops with any of these, it can cause the tensioner to fail. If you hear a rattling sound when starting up the engine or accelerating, it may signify that the tensioner needs replacing.

When carrying out work on the timing belt, it's generally recommended that the entire timing system be replaced in one go. This helps ensure maximum efficiency and a longer lifespan. So, we would recommend replacing the tensioner pulleys, dephaser pulleys, timing belt, and other fittings at the same time. Order one of our timing belt kits to get everything you need! You can learn how to change your timing belt here.

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All our timing belt tensioners are from trusted brands in the motoring industry, so you can count on them to be reliable and of excellent quality. Plus, our low-price promise means you can always expect great value too.

We offer free UK delivery on all online orders over £25, plus 60-day returns*. We also know you want to get your car up and running as soon as possible, which is why we offer a Click and Collect service that allows you to get your new timing belt tensioner in just an hour.

So, buy timing belt tensioners from us with confidence today. Or if you’re close to one of our 180 store locations across the UK & Ireland, drop by. Our experienced staff will be able to direct you to the correct part for your vehicle.