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Car Bumpers

Car bumpers are positioned at the foremost and rearmost extremity of every car and are designed to allow the car to sustain a minor impact without damaging the car’s safety systems and internal mechanics. For this reason the car bumper is extremely important. When your bumper requires replacement, because of damage, it is important to choose a suitable replacement for your make and model of vehicle.

Why Buy Bumpers from GSF Car Parts?

GSF Car Parts supply bumpers and panels for a variety of car models and can help you to find the part which is right for your needs. You get the right bumper, at a great price; available from more than 70 stores around the UK. Finding the replacement parts that you need is simple and fast when you choose GSF Car Parts.

In order to ensure that you purchase the perfect bumpercontact your local branch, where our friendly parts experts will be able to source what you need. To find your nearest branch click ‘Branch Finder’ at the top of the page. Your replacement bumper is just a few clicks away.