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Find everything you need to repair your car's braking system with these brake pad replacement kits from GSF Car Parts. We offer kits to suit all sorts of cars. To find the best product for your vehicle, all you need to do is enter the make, model, and registration details above, and we'll take care of the rest.

When you press the braking pedal, the hydraulic brake system forces the brake pads to squeeze shut, pressing them against the brake disc. This provides the friction required to stop or slow the car. But, over time, these pads wear down, and if the pad thickness falls below a certain level — around 3mm on most vehicles — your car brakes will stop being properly effective. When this happens, you'll often be alerted by the brake wear pad sensor, which is the signal that you need to replace the pads as soon as possible.

At GSF Car Parts, we have an impressive selection of front and rear brake pad fitting kits that will make repairs and maintenance to this crucial component as simple as possible. They contain everything you need to replace the pads, including replacement brake pads and the necessary clips, springs, and other fittings. So, you won't need to spend time tracking down all the right parts to suit your vehicle — you can just get on with the job. We also stock brake pad sets that might be of interest to you.

You might also need to repair other elements of the brake system at the same time, including the brake caliper, brake disc, brake lines, and more. We stock replacements for all these parts, all of which are covered by our fair price promise, so you can be sure you're getting a great deal. So, if you're looking to save money by carrying out repairs at home, or you just want to source your parts yourself, shopping with GSF Car Parts is the way forward.

After fitting your brake pads, it's always a good idea to check the brake fluid level and top it up if needed. You're also likely to need to use some brake and clutch cleaner to prepare the area and tidy up any mess afterwards.

Order a brake pad fitting kit from our online store today. We offer free UK delivery over £25, and you can also use our fast Click and Collect service. Buy now with GSF Car Parts.