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Oil Level Sensors

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Here at GSF Car Parts, we have an extensive range of oil level sensors for you to browse. These essential parts will monitor how much oil is in your engine and signal to you when you need to top up.

Your oil level sensor is key for keeping your engine running smoothly, so it's important that you diagnose and replace your sensor if you suspect it's gone faulty. Symptoms of this could include an inaccurate reading on the dashboard compared to a manual check of your oil levels, trouble starting the car up, and if the check engine light or oil light comes on frequently.

Whether you're looking for a Mercedes oil level sensor, or one for your Mitsubishi, we're sure to have what you're looking for here. Not sure what you're looking for? You can usually find this information in your owner's manual or try out our product finder tool. Simply enter your registration number into the designated box and we'll show you all the oil level sensors that are compatible with your exact make and model of car. We also stock universal oil level sensors for cars that don't need a specific type.

We stock plenty of other sensors to help you make your vehicle repairs, and keep your car ticking over nicely. This includes everything from exterior temperature sensors, to park assist sensors, and more.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £25*, as well as a convenient Click and Collect service that's available in all of our local branches. So, buy an oil tank level sensor today.