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At GSF Car Parts, you'll find reliable car ignition cables to suit a wide variety of different vehicles. So, if you want to carry out some repairs to your ignition system at home, or you just want to source your own parts to help keep the cost of professional repairs down, these cable kits are ideal. Enter the make and model of your car in the tool above to see the right type of ignition cables for your vehicle.

Ignition cables are hardwearing electrical conductor leads that are designed to withstand high voltage charges. They transfer electrical current from the distributor cap and ignition coil to the spark plugs, which produces the spark that ignites the fuel in the engine chamber. This then allows your car to start.

However, because ignition cables must withstand such powerful currents every time you drive, they can sometimes wear out or corrode, and if they become too damaged, your ignition system will stop working. As such, it's important to always use the best quality you can find. Here at GSF Car Parts, we only stock ignition leads from top automotive suppliers, meaning you can buy with confidence.

Our leads are available to buy as ignition cable kits, so you'll have everything you need to carry out your repairs. You might also be interested in our other ignition parts, including ignition switches, condensers, and contact breaker points. We also have a huge range of service parts that might be useful during other repair and maintenance work.

Buy replacement car ignition cable with GSF Car Parts. Delivery is included at no extra cost on all orders over £25, so take advantage of this great deal. We also offer a handy Click and Collect service, which allows you to pick up your filter just an hour after ordering. Buy online now.