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Find quality replacement rotor arms at GSF Car Parts. If your car won’t start, the engine is misfiring, or the engine warning light is on, it may be a sign that you need to replace the rotor arm. We’ve sourced reliable products from reputable manufacturers, so you can get your car’s ignition system working as good as new in no time. Just enter your car’s registration details above to find the right type of rotor arm for your vehicle.

The rotor arm is located inside the distributor cap in your vehicle’s ignition system, which is responsible for starting the engine. When you turn the key, a charge is carried from the ignition module through the coil and into the cap, and the rotor arm spins, carrying the charge to the terminals on the ignition coil. This in turn fires the spark plugs, igniting the engine and getting your car going.

If this crucial component is faulty or can’t make full contact with the terminals, the vehicle will fail to start. Replacing the ignition rotor at home will fix the problem and save you paying for repairs at a garage. However, if the rotor arm has overheated or burnt out, you should consult a mechanic, as it may be very difficult to remove.

If replacing the rotor arm doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to replace other components in the ignition system. Here at GSF Car Parts, we have everything you need to repair or maintain your car’s ignition, including ignition cable kits, spark plugs, ignition condensers, and contact breakers and points.

You’ll no doubt want to get your ignition repaired as quickly as possible, so you might prefer to take advantage of our Click and Collect service. Just choose this option at the checkout, and your order will be ready to pick up from your nearest branch in as little as an hour’s time. We also offer free UK delivery when you spend £25 or more, so buy a replacement car rotor arm with GSF Car Parts today.