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Here at GSF Car Parts, we have an extensive range of spark plug caps to suit all makes and models of vehicle. Simply enter your registration number in the designated box and we'll show you the parts that are compatible with your car.

The spark plug caps in your car are essential for establishing a secure connection between the ignition leads and spark plugs. This is particularly important in preventing any leaks which can affect your transmission and cause expensive damage to key engine parts.

Your spark plug cap suppresses ignition noises from sparks caused by the electrical current. They should not have continuity, but instead usually operate at between 600–800 ohms. So, if yours are giving you a reading of lower than this and reporting no resistance, then it is likely you're dealing with a faulty spark plug cap.

In this range, you'll find everything from Honda spark plug caps, to those for many other types of vehicle, so you can find the parts you need to make the repairs yourself. If you're looking to do other repairs, you'll be pleased to hear we stock many other important components, including electrical and lighting parts, as well as those for steering and suspension, as well as fuel and emissions.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £25, as well as a handy Click and Collect option so you can pick up your parts at your convenience. Buy a spark plug suppressor cap from us today.