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Need to find a replacement vacuum advance for your car? With GSF Car Parts, finding the right component to suit your vehicle couldn’t be easier. Simply enter the registration number of the car you want to buy for into the box above, confirm the make and model, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The vacuum advance is an ignition control mechanism built into some distributors, and is commonly found in older vehicles and classic cars. Essentially, it adjusts the timing by adding advance while the vehicle is running at part throttle, which helps to increase fuel mileage and economy. It is made up of the vacuum canister or cell, a linkage, and an advance plate, which is secured to a trigger in the distributor.

As with any part of your car’s ignition system, you’ll naturally want your new distributor vacuum advance to be of the highest quality. So, we always take care to stock products from auto supply brands we know and trust, meaning you can count on them to be up to the job.

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