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Car Ballast Switches: LED & More

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At GSF Car Parts we offer a great selection of car ballast switches that will ensure your car's electrical lighting systems can work safely and efficiently. Our range is extensive and includes LED car ballasts, as well as many more. To find the correct type of ballast switch for your vehicle, use the handy product finder above.

An electrical ballast is a device that limits the amount of current in an electrical circuit. It acts as a type of electrical resistor or reactance, fixed in line with the circuits that supply power to a light bulb. The function of the car lighting ballast within the vehicle is to help control and regulate current during different operating phases. Without a ballast switch in place, the bulb would burn out, so it's an integral part of any LED or other type of lighting configuration in your car.

If you notice the lighting is flickering or providing inconsistent illumination, or you can hear a buzzing noise, then it could be a symptom of an issue with the electrical ballast, so you'll need to find a replacement. The products we stock are sourced from the best auto and electrical supply companies around, which means any you buy will be up to the task.

Here at GSF Car Parts, we stock all the service parts you need to keep every system in your vehicle running smoothly, including the electrical and lighting systems. To ensure your repairs are of the highest standard, you might also want to shop our selection of cable connectors, crimp connectors, and electrical sleeving. We also have lots more car bulbs available, too, including headlight bulbs, daylight running bulbs, brake light bulbs, and more.

If you need your new ballast switch as a matter of urgency, you may want to take advantage of our speedy Click and Collect service, which allows you to pick up your goods just an hour after ordering. You can also select UK home delivery, which is free when you spend £25 or more. Buy now with GSF Car Parts.