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Keep your car's timing system running smoothly with these quality timing belt tensioner pulleys from GSF Car Parts. We stock tensioner pulleys from top automotive supply brands to suit all makes and models. So, whether you want to carry out repairs yourself or just want to save money by sourcing your own replacement parts, we'll have what you need. Enter your car details above to find the right tensioner pulley for your vehicle.

The smooth running of your car's engine and several other important automotive components is controlled by the timing belt. To do this effectively, the belt needs to operate in perfect synchronicity with all the various engine parts. The tensioner pulley plays an important role in moving the timing belt along at the correct speed while keeping it at the correct tension, ensuring everything works exactly as it should.

The timing belt is a crucial piece of kit: if it fails, the alternator, air con, water pump, and power steering wouldn't work, and the entire engine could even be damaged beyond repair. So, it's important to make sure any tensioner pulleys you choose are of the highest quality. We only ever stock parts from trustworthy auto brands, so you can count on any you buy to be reliable and long-lasting — and all for a great price.  

To ensure that the right tension is maintained, and to help increase the lifespan of the timing system, most manufacturers recommend replacing all the components at the same time. So, you may be interested in buying timing belt deflection guide pulleys, tensioners, dephasers, and a replacement timing belt while you're here. Or, you can buy a timing belt kit that includes all the parts in one handy product.  

Order a tensioner pulley with us today free UK delivery on orders over £25. We also offer a convenient Click and Collect service, that allows you to pick up your order at one of over 70 branches nationwide. Buy now with GSF Car Parts.