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Find reliable replacement glow plugs for your car at GSF Car Parts. In this range, we have replacement glow plugs to suit all kinds of diesel vehicles — use our product finder to discover the most appropriate plugs for your car. We pride ourselves on always offering competitive prices, so you can keep the cost of repairs as low as possible.

Unlike petrol vehicles, which use a spark from the spark plugs to ignite the fuel inside the engine, diesel cars rely on cylinder pressures to get the engine going. Glow plugs generate the heat needed to warm the air in the combustion chamber, which in turn ignites the fuel. Thanks to the glow plug, the diesel engine can start from cold in a matter of seconds, even in winter.

Just like any other car part, grow plugs can be susceptible to damage and corrosion over time. If you've noticed that your diesel engine is taking longer to start, it could be a sign that there's an issue with the glow plugs, so they may need to be replaced. If further repairs are needed, we also offer glow plug relays and glow plug auxiliary heaters that might come in handy.

If you’re experiencing starting problems, you may need to replace other parts of your ignition system, too. We stock everything you need to get your car back up and running, including ignition cable kits, distributor caps, contact breaker points, and rotor arms, as well as a full range of other car plugs. With our competitive fair-price guarantee, you can be certain you're getting a good deal.

Buy diesel glow plugs with GSF Car Parts today and receive free UK delivery over £25. Need those replacement car glow plugs in a hurry? You can always take advantage of our Click and Collect service. Just place your order online and it will be ready to collect from one of over 70 branches as soon as an hour later.