Mirror Adjustment Switch

Mirror Adjustment Switches

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At GSF Car Parts, we stock a range of mirror adjustment switches that will enhance your driving experience and make it easier for you to see the hazards around you. These are part of our comfort system products, which are designed to enhance your driving experience, so you can enjoy every journey.

Manually adjusting your mirrors can be a pain, especially when you're trying to reverse into a tight parking space. But with electrical mirror switches that do it for you, you can have a much more seamless driving experience. Normally when you engage the mirror switches, a set of electrical contacts inside the switch close, supplying power to the mirror motor in order to move it.

We also do many other comfort system parts such as handbrake warning lights, as well as seat and mirror adjustment controls.

If you've found your mirrors are not adjusting in any of the directions they're supposed to, this could be a sign of failing mirror adjustment switch. It's most commonly caused by an electrical malfunction inside the switch or a fault between the switch and the electrical relay that's responsible for sending the message to operate the mirror.

In this range, you'll find everything from front and side mirror switches, to rear view mirror adjustment switches, so no matter what replacement you're after, we're sure to have it here. Not sure which you'll need? Simply enter your registration number into our handy product finding tool and we'll show you all of the parts that are compatible with your car.

Whether you're a tradesman fixing a car's mirror system, or you're trying your hand at some DIY on your own vehicle, you're bound to want to finish the job properly. So, why not invest in some quality window cleaner, wiper blades, and rubbers? It will give your mirrors the sheen they need and ensure you can see clearly in the glass.

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