Cylinder Head

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Cylinder Head

Purchase high-quality cylinder head parts and repair kits from GSF Car Parts. You'll find every spare part you need to keep your engine cylinder in working order – including head gaskets. We even have head gasket sets that include valve stem seals and covers, so you can address a blown gasket quickly and with ease.

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What is a Cylinder Head in a Car Engine?

The cylinder head sits at the top of the engine. Its purpose is to seal the top of the cylinder to create the combustion chamber. The head also forms the housing for the holds the injectors, valves, and spark plugs. It also has internal passageways for coolant and engine oil.

Is a Cylinder Head the Same as a Head Gasket?

No, a head gasket sits between the cylinder head and the engine block. The Cylinder head houses the valves and spark plugs and the engine block keeps the pistons and cylinders.

The head gasket which is located between these two engine parts is engineered to seal the internal combustion process. Keeping any coolant or oil from leaking out. It also keeps the combustion chamber sealed so that your car can keep up the correct compression to keep your engine's power up.

What are the First Signs of a Blown Head Gasket?

There are a few signs to look and listen for that will indicate a blown head gasket.

  • Rough idle or engine knocking - If your engine is knocking, idling rough, or even stalling the head gasket could be blown. 
  • Low coolant level - A failing head gasket between an engine combustion chamber and a coolant channel could mean coolant getting into the engine. Causing overheating or worse
  • White smoke from exhaust pipe - When coolant is burnt in the engine it comes out as white vapour from the exhaust
  • Engine overheating - If your engine is overheating regularly then it could be a coolant leak from the head gasket
  • Contaminated engine oil - If you notice a white frothy substance under your oil cap it might be a sign of coolant getting into the engine

Is it Ok to Drive with a Blown Head Gasket?

Not really. If you were limping to the garage it might be ok but it isn't recommended. When the seal is blown, the pressure in the combustion chamber will drop, causing a loss of power. And if there is a coolant leak your engine may overheat.

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