Timing Belt Deflection/Guide Pulley

Timing Belt Deflection Pulleys

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Buy timing belt deflection pulleys at GSF Car Parts. In this range, we have deflection rollers that help to keep the drive belt at exactly the right tension and position, ensuring your engine and all other car parts run smoothly. We have an extensive array of deflection pulleys to suit lots of different makes and models, so enter your registration details into the product search above to find the best match for your car.

Deflection pulleys (also known as guide pulleys) are one of the many parts that help support the engine's timing control, so it can operate at optimal efficiency. The crankshaft pulley and timing belt use the energy generated from the combustion inside the engine to power the other vital systems inside the vehicle, such as the air con, alternator, and power steering. And, the deflector pulleys work to guide the timing belt so it can do this job.

When the guide pulley fails, it can take out the entire timing belt, which can cause the engine to fail, resulting in very costly repairs. So, it's important to make sure it's kept in good condition. If there's a problem with this pulley, you may start to hear a screeching noise from the engine when the car is running.

Remember, if you need to replace the deflection pulley, it's best the replace the other timing belt parts, too. We stock all the tensioners, tensioner pulleys, dephaser pulleys and fittings you need to do this — we even stock timing belt kits that include all the parts and fittings you need. Plus, as we offer a fair-price promise on all of our products, you can be confident that you're getting a great deal.

Buy a deflection roller from our online store today, and you'll qualify for free UK delivery over £25. We also offer a Click and Collect service from over 70 branches nationwide, so you can pick up your parcel just an hour after placing your order. Buy now with GSF Car Parts.