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Coolant Level Sensors

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Here at GSF Car Parts, we have a fantastic range of coolant level sensors for you to browse. We stock these parts for almost all makes and models of cars, including Vauxhall Astras, BMW X5s, and many more, so you can be certain we'll have the parts you need for your repairs.

Your coolant level sensors play an essential role in regulating and monitoring the amount of coolant in your engine at any given time. You will typically find this sensor located in the coolant reservoir or radiator where your sensors will measure the amount of coolant needed within the system for your engine to perform optimally.

Should your coolant level sensor stop working, it's likely that your car will be unable to monitor the amount of fluid entering the engine, meaning it can miscalculate the fuel to air ratio. This can result in black smoke and be damaging to your engine parts if it's not fixed quickly.

Not sure which type of coolant level sensors you'll need for your repairs? We advise checking your car manual, or using our handy product finding tool to help you to find the most suitable. Simply enter your registration plate into the designated box and we'll show you all the compatible parts for your exact make and model of vehicle.

Planning on doing more work on your car's cooling system? Don't worry — we have plenty of products that can help. This includes everything from coolant temperature sensors, as well as coolant pipe seals, coolant flanges, and more. We even stock coolant cleaners in case you need to flush the whole system in order to repair it.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £25, as well as a Click and Collect service that's available in all of our local branches. Buy a coolant level sensor with us today.