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Distributor Caps

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At GSF Car Parts, we have distributor caps from top auto brands to suit all makes and models of car. The distributor caps in this range are of the highest quality, so you can be sure that they'll be up to the job. Enter the make and model of your car into the selector above to find the right products for your vehicle.

The distributor cap is a part of your car's fuel system that deflects the flow of current from the coil into the rotor arm, which distributes it to each spark plug in turn. This generates a spark, which then ignites the fuel mixture in the combustion engine, starting your car and getting you on your way.

As distributor caps have to conduct a constant electrical charge in order to keep your car going, they are subject to wear and corrosion over time. If the engine is misfiring, the car won't start, or the engine light keeps coming on, then it could be a sign that the distributor cap is faulty.

It’s very important to use quality distributors, as these parts have to be able to withstand a lot of electrical charge. The products you see here have been produced by top automotive brands, so you can rely on them to be up to the job.

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We offer free UK delivery when you spend over £25, so buy a replacement car distributor cap with us today. You can also use our incredibly fast and convenient Click and Collect service, which allows you to pick up your new bulbs from your nearest branch as soon as an hour after ordering. Shop now with GSF Car Parts.