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Ignition Coil HT Leads

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Find hard-wearing replacement ignition coil HT leads for your vehicle at GSF Car Parts. To avoid headaches and find the right part quickly and easily, use our handy product finding tool. Simply enter your registration details above, and once we know what you’re looking for, we can direct you to the ignition coil leads you need, at a price you’ll love.

The ignition coil is a type of electrical transformer that tuns a low voltage into a very high one. The ignition coil leads — sometimes known as high tension or HT leads — then transfer this powerful charge from the coil to the spark plugs, creating a spark which ignites the fuel and gets the engine going. However, if these leads should become damaged, dirty, or corroded, the circuit will be compromised, and the car may misfire, or even fail to start at all. If this happens, a replacement lead must be found.

The ignition coil leads must be very hardwearing in order to withstand all that voltage, so it’s crucial to only ever use quality replacements — after all, your car deserves nothing but the best. We’ve sourced HT leads from respected auto parts brands you can trust, so you can count on them to do the job you need.

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