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Tail Light Bulb Holders

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Browse our range of tail light bulb holders here at GSF Car Parts. These parts are essential for holding your important lighting in place and will ensure every move you make on the road is visible to other drivers, meaning everybody is safe.

If you've noticed that your tail lights aren't working as they should be, you'll need to replace these as soon as possible. When doing so, it's always important to check the fixtures and electrics to ensure there's not another problem.

If your tail light seems to be loose in its fitting, it may mean there's an issue with the holder. To test this you'll need to turn off the power to the holder and use the clip of the continuity tester to the hot screw terminal (the black wire lead). Use a probe to touch the bottom of the socket, and if the tester doesn't illuminate this signifies a need to replace your stop/tail light holder. 

Not sure which holder you'll need? Don't worry — we have a handy product finding tool to help. Simply enter your registration number into the box provided and we'll show you all the parts that are compatible with your exact make and model of vehicle.

We have plenty of other essential electric and lighting parts for you to browse. This includes everything from replacement car batteries, to bulbs and other important lights and lenses to increase your visibility when out on the roads.

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