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Looking for a replacement alternator regulator for your car? Here at GSF Car Parts, we have spare regulators to suit a wide variety of makes and models. They’re all of the highest quality, meaning you can rely on them to be long-lasting and effective. To discover the most suitable type of regulator for your vehicle, enter the plate number and year into the product finding tool above.

Your car needs a fully charged battery in order to start the engine. The alternator is the part of the electrical system that generates the charge needed to power the battery, and the regulator is a part of the alternator that monitors and controls this process. It also ensures that all power loads within the vehicle have enough electrical power to function. As such, it’s a crucial part that needs to be in full working order at all times.

Owing to the huge number of different alternators on the market, there are now several hundred different types of regulator. So, it’s important to make sure you find the correct voltage-type for your vehicle. We stock an extensive assortment of different types, including 12v and 24v alternator regulators. Everything is sourced from top automotive parts manufacturers, meaning you can depend on any you buy to be reliable and long-lasting. Use our product finder to narrow down the right part quickly and easily for your make and model.

Here at GSF, we stock every kind of alternator part, including freewheel clutches, pulleys, carbon brushes, belt guards, mounts, tensioning bolts, and alternator repair kits. So, you can get the alternator system back up and running again in no time.

Buy alternator voltage regulators with GSF Car Parts today. We offer free delivery when you spend £25, so you can help keep the cost of repairs and maintenance down. Need your new regulator in a hurry? Use our fast and convenient Click and Collect service, which allows you to pick up your new parts within an hour of placing your order. Shop now.