Camshaft Position Sensor

High Quality Camshaft Position Sensors

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Here at GSF Car Parts, we have an extensive range of camshaft position sensors that are crucial in timing your engine's combustion process correctly.

Your engine is made up of a series of sensors that monitor and deliver information to the electrical control unit (ECU), and the camshaft position sensor is one of these important parts.

As standard, camshaft position sensors will start showing signs of faults when they reach the end of their lifespan. So, if you find that your car is driving idly, stalling often, has reduced mileage or any of the other common problems associated with the breakdown of engine parts, then you'll want to check your camshaft position sensors. Handily, most modern cars will show a warning light on your dashboard if this is the case, with several options of error codes popping up that correspond to what the problem is. You'll find details of these in your vehicle handbook.

In this range, you'll find a selection of camshaft position sensors that are compatible with many makes and models of vehicle. Not sure which fits your car? Simply add your registration plate into our product finder tool and we'll show you the ones suitable for your exact vehicle.

We stock plenty of other essential components including engine timing control parts, such as camshafts, camshaft bushes, camshaft seals, and plenty more that'll help regulate your engine combustion.

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