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Find replacement ignition coil condensers for your vehicle here at GSF Car Parts. Commonly found in older vehicles (especially those produced before 1980), the ignition coil is a crucial part of the starting system that helps to control the current needed to ignite the engine. You can find the right type for your car by entering your registration details in the product finder above.

The condenser plays a vital role in your car's ignition system by reducing the spark at the contact points as they open in the distributor, which in turn helps to minimise burning and pitting of the points. By controlling the voltage in the system, the ignition condenser is able to help protect and prolong the lifespan of the other parts in the system.

Without a fully functioning condenser, the distributor and other parts will quickly become damaged, leading to more serious ignition problems. And, you won't get very far without a working ignition system, so if there's a problem with the condenser, it's important to get it sorted quickly. If you can hear a crackly static noise when using your car radio, it could well be a sign that it’s time to replace the condenser.

In this range, you'll find quality car ignition condensers from trustworthy parts suppliers and auto brands, meaning you can rely on them to be reliable and long-lasting. If you're currently carrying out repairs to your car's ignition system, you might also be interested in ordering some ignition cable kits, distributor caps, contact breaker points, and rotor arms at the same time.

Buy automotive ignition condensers from our online store today. We offer free UK delivery over £25 and have a fast and convenient Click and Collect service, which means you can get on with repairs as soon as possible. Order now with GSF Car Parts.