Car Air Intake System

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Air Supply

Cars don’t run on fuel alone, but a finely balanced blend of air and fuel which, when ignited, power the engine. This makes the various parts of the air supply system extremely important to the performance of the car.

The air intake system includes a wide variety of parts, including the ,a href="">air filter which prevents dust and debris from polluting the fuel mixture, or the throttle body which regulates the amount of air which flows into the engine when the accelerator is hit. You’ll even find turbo chargers which boost power by increasing the amount of air driven into the combustion chamber. Read More

From accelerator cables and pedals, to pressure control valves and much more, every part of the air supply system is essential to the success of the engine and when a part is not performing to the max it needs to be replaced with a compatible substitute.

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All you have to do to find the right air intake system parts for your car is type your registration number into the box provided and confirm the make and model; then we can direct you to the air supply parts you need. It really is that simple.