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Fuel Pressure Sensors

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Here at GSF Car Parts, we have a range of fuel pressure sensors that are crucial in monitoring and controlling your car's engine health.

Your fuel pressure sensors communicate with your car's engine control unit (ECU), providing information about the fuel pressure within the fuel rail. Should the pressure within your fuel rail become too high, it can lead to many problems including failing start-up, weak acceleration, and frequent engine stalling. As well as this, if fuel begins to get too hot it can burn in the engine, causing a smoking exhaust, and can even begin to evaporate to you'll have much reduced mileage.

If you need a replacement fuel pressure sensor, you'll need to ensure you get the right type for your vehicle. You can find this information in your owner's handbook, or by using our handy product finder tool. To use this, simply enter your registration plate into the designated box and we'll show you all the fuel pressure sensors compatible with your exact car make and model. So, no matter if you're searching for a BMW pressure sensor, or one for your Citroen, we're sure to have the parts you'll need.

Engine breakdown and reduced fuel efficiency can be down to a number of issues, and that's why we stock a range of replacement sensors for your repair projects. You'll find wheel speed sensors, ABS sensor rings, and exterior temperature sensors that are all key for keeping you safe on the roads.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £25*, as well as a Click and Collect service that's available in all of our local branches, so shop for a fuel pressure regulator sensor today.