CV Joint

CV Joints

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Keep your car running smoothly with our range of CV joints here at GSF Car Parts. These components are crucial for the smooth transfer of engine power so your vehicle can take you to all the places you want to go.

The axles of your car are connected with CV joints. These are crucial for allowing both the axle and the wheels of your vehicle to flex and as you drive. But, as the joint is a relatively fragile part of the system itself, it needs to be protected from dirt, debris and hard external road surface items such as rocks with lubrication. Your car CV joints are held in place with a CV boot and if this becomes damaged, it can result in the grease leaking out and weakening the joint until it breaks. So, if you feel a noticeable clunking when you’re driving, especially when taking corners, it could mean your cv joint needs replacing.

We stock many other parts that will improve the quality of your final drive. These include drive shafts and drive shaft nuts, as well as propshaft universal joints and bolts. We even have grease and lubricants to ensure all of your car parts are effortlessly working together.

All of the parts, accessories and tools we supply come with a low-price promise and free UK delivery, meaning you are guaranteed to get a great deal. We also have a Click and Collect service available at our nationwide branches, so you can pick up your parcel at a time that suits you. Shop today for your constant velocity joints.