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Here at GSF Car Parts, we have a range of wheel bearings for many different makes and model of car, so you can keep your wheels in great condition for longer.

Wheel bearings are an essential part of your car’s operation, allowing your car tyre, hub and wheels to work seamlessly together. In this selection, you will find front wheel bearings and rear wheel bearings, so that all of your wheels can move friction-free. Generally, when your wheel bearing needs replacing it will create a whirring noise that gets louder over time, as well as a slight vibration.

When checking for any bearings that need replacing, you should also check the wheel bearing hub for corrosion or signs of damage as this can interrupt the smooth movement of your wheels. We even stock wheel bearing kits, complete with seals, hub nuts and split pins, so you can guarantee you have everything needed for the job.

If your car wheel bearings have become too loose, they may also affect and damage your wheel speed sensors. As the ring and axle wobble due to loose bearings, the specifications on your anti-braking system will be adjusted and can cause the speed sensors to exhibit periods of no signal. Plus, if the axle comes into contact with a damaged wheel bearing, it can also become unusable.

We have a low-price promise on all of our products, as well as offering free UK delivery so you can be sure you’ll get a great deal on all essential car parts and accessories here at GSF Car Parts. We also have a Click and Collect service available at over 70 branches where your order can be ready for pick-up within the hour.

Shop our selection of car wheel bearings today.