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Cooling System

Shop our impressive car cooling system range here at GSF Car Parts. Here you'll find everything your car needs to control the temperature of its engine while it's in use. From coolant and antifreeze to cooling system temperature and level sensors – plus a wide range of spare parts for the whole radiator and cooling system – you're sure to find what you're looking for in this selection of great products.

You can easily filter the correct parts by entering your reg number or the make and model of your vehicle. This will make sure you only see products that you can use. So, whether you drive a Nissan Micra or a BMW 3 Series, you'll be able to find the right cooling system for your specific vehicle.

We strive to make all our parts and accessories available for less than dealership prices as part of our low-cost promise.

What does a Car's Cooling System do?

Your car's cooling system prevents it from overheating, which is essential not just for performance, but to protect and maintain all the different components of your car and its engine. 

By administering regular repairs to your engine cooling system, you could save yourself more money overall by increasing the lifespan of the parts that make up your car. Looking for more cooling and heating parts? We're sure we have what you require in our wide range of stock.

It's possible for dirt and deposits to get into your car's coolant system. This requires a coolant system flush to replace the old coolant with fresh new coolant. Making the whole system run efficiently. You can learn how to flush your coolant system with our easy guide.

Are Antifreeze and Coolant the Same Thing?

To keep your car's cooling system functioning correctly you will need to use antifreeze and coolant. So are they the same thing? Is coolant antifreeze?

Antifreeze reduces the water in a car’s cooling system from freezing. When antifreeze is mixed with water it is known as coolant. About a 50:50 ratio mix of Antifreeze to coolant. Antifreeze must always be combined with water before you use it. 

Coolant in your engine regulates the temperature in extremely hot and cold environments. 

What does a Radiator do in a Car?

The car's radiator is a part of the whole engine cooling system that disperses coolant. This releases some of the engine heat as well as takes in the cool air before arriving back to the engine.

Can you Drive a Car with a Radiator Leak?

If you notice a radiator leak in your car you should get it checked straight away. However, it is ok to travel a short distance with the leak. Although, the lack of coolant in your car might cause the engine to overheat, damaging the engine. You can fix the leak yourself with a little mechanical knowledge.

Shop Cooling System Parts at GSF Car Parts Online and In-Store

All our cooling system parts are from trusted brands in the motoring industry, so you can count on them to be reliable and of excellent quality. Plus, our low-price promise means you can always expect great value too.

We offer free UK delivery on all online orders over £25, plus 365-day returns*. So, buy cooling system parts from us with confidence today. Or if you’re close to one of our 180 store locations across the UK & Ireland, just drop by and our experienced staff will be able to direct you to the right part for your vehicle.