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Get your hazard lights and indicators back up and running with these flasher units from GSF Car Parts. We have quality replacement flasher units for all makes and models, from Nissans to Fords.

The hazard lights and indicator signals on most vehicles are designed to flash on and off. This effect is achieved using a flasher unit, an electrical component that acts as a switch. When the signal is given for the light to turn on, the flasher unit inside the circuit flips on and off, allowing the lights to flash rapidly. It also produces the clicking sound you hear when the hazard or indicator lights are turned on.

Most flasher units are pretty simple devices, but when they fail, it can take out your indicators and hazard lights, rendering your vehicle unsafe to drive. So, it’s important to get faulty or malfunctioning units replaced as soon as you notice a problem.  

Not sure whether you need a 12v or 24v flasher unit? We can direct you to the correct parts for your car — just type your registration number into the box provided and confirm the make and model. That way you can be confident that you’re getting the parts you need at a price you’ll love.

Your car needs all sorts of signalling parts to keep you safe on the road, including indicator stalks, hazard light switches, wiper interval switches, car horns, and more. We stock all of these parts, so you might want to add some to your cart before you check out.

Remember, we offer free UK delivery over £25*, so buy a flasher unit with GSF Car Parts now. Or, if you need your new unit in a hurry, you can take advantage of our speedy Click and Collect service.