Brake Pads & Discs

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Find replacement brake pads and discs for your car here at GSF Car Parts. This collection includes options from trusted brands including Brembo, Vetech and Bendix, so you can guarantee they will be durable and of the highest quality.

Both the brake pads and discs are crucial elements for your braking system to work correctly. The brake discs are made of a hardy metal and are gripped by the brake pads, which are held in place by your brake calipers. The friction created between the brake pads and discs is what brings the car to a stop when you press down on the brakes, so it’s important that you maintain these if you feel any resistance when braking.

You should also be checking the visible condition of your brake discs too: if the thickness of these has worn down to the thickness of the steel backing plate they’re on, it’s time to replace them.

This range includes everything you’ll need to maintain and replace your braking system including brake pad sets and fitting kits, as well as brake disc bolts to keep everything firmly in place. We also stock braking fluid to help amplify the force exerted when you want your vehicle to come to a stop.

All of the products we have come with a low-price promise as well as free UK delivery so you can guarantee you’ll get a great deal here at GSF Car Parts. We even have a Click and Collect service available in our branches nationwide, so you can pick up your order at a time that’s suitable for you. Shop today for cheap brake pads and discs today.