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At GSF Car Parts we stock a vast range of high-quality and reliable timing belts, timing belt kits, and their associated parts. For those of you who love to service your own cars, we have timing belts, timing belt kits, timing belt tensioners, timing belt tensioner pulleys, timing belt deflection/guide pulleys, and cam dephaser pulleys

We keep timing belts for all the major car brands – BMW, Citroen, Ford, Honda, and much more! Allowing you choose the right timing belt for whichever car or cars you own. You can easily search for the timing belt and parts you require by filtering your reg number or selecting your make and model.

It is critical that you have a correctly fitted timing belt on your vehicle, otherwise you can do irreversible damage to your car's engine.

What is a Timing Belt?

The timing belt is required to turn the camshaft at the right speed in relation to the crankshaft to ensure that the valves in the engine cylinders open at the right time. This makes the synthetic rubber belt an integral part of any internal combustion engine. It is important to replace timing belts at recommended intervals because if the belt breaks when the engine is running it can cause catastrophic and irreparable damage.

In order to ensure the correct tension, it is recommended that all timing belt parts be replaced and the timing belt kits feature the timing belt, the idler and the tensioner pulleys which are required to maintain, increase or decrease the tension on the belt. All of the necessary fixings are also included.

What is the Difference between Cam Belt and Timing Belt?

Nothing, they're exactly the same thing but with different names.

How often should a Timing Belt be Changed?

Every manufacturer is different, but generally, as a rule, timing belts should be replaced between 40,000 to 100,000 miles or 4+ years. Your vehicle handbook will tell you the exact recommendation on when to change your timing belt. Always check this first. 

What are Signs of Timing Belt Problems?

If a timing belt is worn, it can begin to slip or worse, break. Here are some faulty timing belt issues that you should look out for:

  • High RPM engine problems
  • Performance and low acceleration issues
  • Engine misfiring due to a slipping timing belt
  • Ticking noise from engine (This could also be low oil pressure or low engine lubrication)
  • Oil leaking on the timing belt cover

How much does it Cost to Change a Timing Belt?

The cost for timing belt replacement can vary from model and make. Starting from around £30 upwards. Always make sure you choose the correct replacement timing belt for your vehicle. If you can change your cam belt or timing belt yourself, it’ll keep costs down.

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