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Timing Belts & Parts

The timing belt is required to turn the camshaft at the right speed in relation to the crankshaft to ensure that the valves in the engine cylinders open at the right time. This makes the synthetic rubber belt an integral part of any internal combustion engine. It is important to replace timing belts at recommended intervals because if the belt breaks when the engine is running it can cause catastrophic and irreparable damage.

Why Buy Timing Belts & Parts from GSF Car Parts?

GSF Car Parts stock replacement timing belts and timing belt kits along with all of the associated parts. The timing belt kit is important because the correct belt tension is critical. If the timing belt is too loose it will whip but if it is too tight, it will place excessive strain on the subsequent parts. In order to ensure the correct tension, it is recommended that all timing belt parts be replaced and the timing belt kits feature the timing belt, the idler and the tensioner pulleys which are required to maintain, increase or decrease the tension on the belt. All of the necessary fixings are also included.

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