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Headlight Wiring Harnesses

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Shop headlight wiring harnesses at GSF Car Parts, your one-stop shop for great value car lighting supplies. We have replacement harnesses for all makes and models, at competitive prices that will help keep the cost of repairs to a minimum. Enter the details of your car in the tool above to quickly and easily find the right wiring harness for your vehicle.

If you want to carry out repairs or maintenance to your car headlights, then you may need a new headlight wiring harness. This is a small device that supplies consistent power from your car battery to the lights. Naturally, if it's not working properly at all times, the headlights won't be able to function, which can be incredibly dangerous. So, you should fix any issues as soon as you can. 

Low quality headlight wiring harness are much more likely to malfunction, and have even been known to overheat and melt, necessitating more extensive repair work. So, it's always safer and more cost-effective to source high-quality replacements. We have a selection of heavy-duty headlight wiring harnesses from the best brands in the automotive industry, so you can buy with confidence.

While you're repairing the wiring harness, you may want to change the headlight bulb, too. We stock all kinds of car bulbs, so you could also consider stocking up on replacements for all of the lights on your vehicle, including brake light bulbs, daylight running bulbs, indicator bulbs, and much more. You can also find more essential accessories in our range of electrical connectors.

Order headlight wire harness replacements now with GSF Car Parts. We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £25, to help you save money on your repairs. You can also come and visit us in one of our 70+ stores nationwide, or use our handy Click and Collect service at your convenience.