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Here at GSF Car Parts, we have a range of car aerials that are essential for keeping you in the loop while you're on your commute. We have replacement car aerials for all makes and models of car, and you can use our handy product finder tool to help you. Simply enter your registration number into the designated box and see for yourself.

Your car aerial is an integral part of your vehicle's communication system, as it allows you to enjoy listening to your favourite radio shows on your journey. The antenna should always be placed at the highest point of your car to ensure it picks up the best possible coverage and reception, avoiding anything that can interfere with the signal. We have both FM and DAB car radio aerials for you to shop.

If you're looking to replace your entire communication system, you'll be pleased to hear we also stock car aerial heads, as well as electrical connection points that are key for hooking everything up, so it works correctly. If you're adding parking assist sensors to your car's comfort system, we also have parts for this.

We have over 70 branches nationwide for you to visit us at, or you can order your parts directly to your home — and when you spend over £25, we'll throw in delivery for free! Alternatively, you could use our handy Click and Collect service. Shop today for a car radio aerial.