Springs & Components

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Springs & Components

Choose GSF Car Parts and our extensive online store for replacement springs and components to maintain or improve your car’s suspension system. Coil springs are crucial to the success of the suspension system.

These metal springs absorb shocks as the car travels, which allows for a smooth and comfortable driving experience, but through accidental damage or wear and tear their performance can diminish and create a ride which is too firm or bouncy. Other spring parts or components which may need to be replaced include the spring cap or spring shackle bush. Read More

When replacing old or broken suspension springs and components it is important to choose an item that is compatible with your car. At GSF we offer springs for a variety of car models, and these parts are available for less than dealership prices. We’ll even help you to ensure that you find the parts and components that you need, to get the most enjoyable and comfortable drive possible from your car.

Shop for springs, components and parts at GSF today by entering your car registration number into the box provided and confirming the make and model of the car you’re working on. This allows us to direct you to the items that you need. It couldn’t be simpler.