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Flywheel/ Dual Mass Flywheel

The flywheel is important to the performance and fuel economy of the modern car. Flywheels are mechanical devices which store the rotational power of your engine to your gearbox via the clutch. Damage or failure of the flywheel can be catastrophic to the vehicle and will require replacement, but it is vital to find the right flywheel for your car. Read More

Why Buy Flywheels/ Dual Mass Flywheels from GSF Car Parts?

GSF Car Parts supply solid and dual mass (DMF) flywheels for most car models and can help you to find the right flywheel or DMF for your needs. It couldn’t be simpler to use our intuitive website.

All you have to do, to ensure that you buy the right flywheel or dual mass flywheel for your car is enter your registration number into the box on the left of the screen and we will direct you to the right flywheel for your car.