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What is the Function of Seat Belts?

Seatbelts are engineered to keep people in their seats if there is a collision or accident. Wearing a seat belt reduces injury in a crash and saves lives. They are designed so as little contact is made between the occupant and the car's interior as possible. Reducing the risk of injury.

If you feel any of your seat belts aren't working correctly, you should get them replaced immediately. A faulty seat belt, even just a small hole in the webbing, will fail an MOT in the UK.

What are the Types of Seat Belts?

There are several types of seat belts fitted to cars, and even seat belts for dogs. This list goes through the most common ones you'll find.

  • 3-Point Seat belt - The most common seat belt you'll find in most cars. In the driver and front passenger seats, and usually in the rear left and right passenger seats
  • 2-Point Seat Belt - It goes just across the lap and you usually find them in the centre rear passenger position of most cars. It's not as secure as a 3-point seat belt but still could save your life in a crash
  • 4-Point and 5-Point Seat Belts - Found in racing cars and sports cars. Designed to secure the driver if there was a high-speed crash.

UK Law for Seat Belts

The seat belt UK law states that 'You must wear a seat belt if one is fitted in the seat you’re using - there are only a few exceptions.'

You can find out more about seat belts and UK law here.

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