Brake Pad Wear Sensor

Brake Pad Wear Sensor

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ABS Sensor

Vehicles fitted with an Anti-lock Braking System, or ABS, require that each wheel of the vehicle be fitted with an ABS sensor. These sensors process information concerning the speed of the corresponding wheel. This information is transmitted to the ABS controller which applies the right amount of braking pressure to neutralise the speedmaximise braking in extreme conditions, while avoiding locking the wheels, which could lead to a skid, or worse, an accident. ABS sensors are crucial to this braking system and when fault, it is essential to have them replaced. Read More

More on ABS Sensor

Due to the heat, vibration, dirt and moisture in around the wheel of a car, ABS sensors are susceptible to wear and tear. Choose GSF Car Parts, to provide replacement ABS sensors and ensure that you choose the right version for you make and model of car.

All you have to do to guarantee the right ABS sensor for your car is enter your reg number into the box on the left, then GSF Car Parts will direct you to the ABS sensors you need. You’ll find high quality sensors at a surprisingly low price.