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Crankshaft Pulse Sensors

Buy replacement crankshaft pulse sensors at GSF Car Parts. Without a working crankshaft position sensor, your car’s engine won’t be able to start. So, if you’re in need of a replacement, enter the registration plate number or make and model, and we’ll show you a selection of quality sensors that are compatible with your vehicle.

Our impressive range of sensors comes from market-leading auto supply brands at competitive prices. So, if you want to save money by doing your repairs yourself or just prefer to source your own parts, you’ll definitely want to shop with us.

What is a Crankshaft Pulse Sensor?

The crankshaft pulse sensor is an engine management system that contributes to the overall smooth function of the engine components. The sensor is attached to the engine block, facing the timing rotor on the crankshaft. It works by detecting signals the engine ECU uses to calculate the crankshaft position and the engine’s rotational speed. This ensures that all the timings are correct, so the engine can operate efficiently.

If the crankshaft sensor is allowed to wear out or develop a fault, it can cause the engine to stop working altogether. You may also notice that the car is stalling or that the ‘check engine’ light is illuminated on the dash. If you do see any of these symptoms, it’s a sign that it might be time to fit a crankshaft sensor replacement.

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Shop Crankshaft Pulse Sensors at GSF Car Parts Online and In-Store

All our crankshaft pulse sensors are from trusted brands in the motoring industry, so you can count on them to be reliable and of excellent quality. Plus, our low-price promise means you can always expect great value too.

We offer free UK delivery on all online orders over £25, plus 60-day returns*. We also know you want to get your car up and running as soon as possible, which is why we offer a Click and Collect service that allows you to get your new crankshaft sensor in just an hour.

So, buy crankshaft position sensors from us with confidence today. Or if you’re close to one of our 180 store locations across the UK & Ireland, drop by. Our experienced staff will be able to direct you to the correct part for your vehicle.