Handbrake Warning Switch

Handbrake Warning Light Switches

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Here at GSF Car Parts, we have a wide range of handbrake warning light switches for all makes and models of car. These are essential for reminding you not to drive with your handbrake on, as this can be devastating for your brake drum, disc, and can even cause the adhesive lining to fail. This in turn could destroy your brake pads and shoes which can be costly to repair.

We all need a reminder every once in a while, and especially when there are so many things to concentrate on while driving, warning lights are a saviour. These are part of your car's comfort system, to enhance your driving experience while keeping you safe and secure on the road.

When you begin to set off with your handbrake still engaged, a light will pop up on your dashboard warning you to disengage it before travelling any further. However, if you're experiencing the light staying on even when you take your brake off, there may be low brake fluid levels as the light is dual purpose to signal this, too. It will also illuminate if your handbrake is failing altogether.

One of the most crucial parts of the handbrake system is the switch. This dictates when the warning light will illuminate, so it's worth checking it regularly to ensure it's working. You can do this by bringing your car to a stop and applying the handbrake – the warning light should come on. When you take it off, the opposite should happen.

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