Car Plugs

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Car plugs are amongst the most important service parts available, and here at GSF Car Parts you’ll find reliable spark plugs and glow plugs for a variety of car makes and light commercial vehicles. Simply enter your registration number into the box provided and you will be directed to the right type of plugs for your vehicle.

Correctly functioning spark plugs and glow plugs are essential, since they are required to ignite the mixture of fuel and air that powers the internal combustion engine. But, just like any other service part, damage, dirt and the general aging process can inhibit the performance of these plugs and cause them to fail or misfire. So, it's important to check and change these essential parts as needed.

Different cars rely upon different types of plug to operate, so it's very important to make sure you select a compatible replacement before you start repair work. As a leading UK parts supplier, GSF Car Parts car offer spark plugs and glow plugs for most vehicles, with savings to be made against dealership prices. Additionally, we also offer a fair-price promise, meaning you can be confident that any car plug you buy with us will be fantastic value. That's why it pays to shop with GSF Car Parts!

If you need to make further repairs to your car's ignition system, you might also want to order some ignition cable kits, distributor caps, contact breaker points, and rotor arms while you’re here.

We offer free UK delivery when you spend £25 or more — ideal if you want to keep the cost of repairs as low as possible. We even have a Click & Collect service, meaning you can pick your order up from a choice of 70+ local branches. Buy a replacement car plug with GSF Car Parts today.