Brake Shoes & Drums

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Brake Drums & Shoes

At GSF Car Parts we stock a vast range of high-quality brake shoes, drums, and brake parts and accessories. Here you'll discover reliable parts to service your drum brakes including brake drums, shoe sets, pre-assembled brake shoe kits, shoe fitting kits, shoe backing plates, adjusters, adjuster bolts, shoe pins, and drum adjusters.

Not sure where to start? Don't spend time sifting through products that aren't right for your vehicle. You can easily find drum brakes, shoes, and parts by entering your reg number or by filtering your make and model with our search tool.

We keep a good amount of stock of high-quality drum brakes and accessories for a large range of makes and models. From Fords to Fiats, we'll have the correct drum brake to fit your car.

How do Drum Brakes Work?

Brake shoes push against the brake drum to slow down the rotation of the wheel, causing your car to stop. Because they endure so much friction, drum brakes and shoes can become heat damaged, which can have a negative impact on your braking system. 

So, it's important you repair and maintain them to keep your brakes in check. A brake shoe set consists of a primary brake shoe, which is larger, and secondary brake shoes, which are smaller.

Difference Between Drum Brakes and Disc Brakes?

Drum brakes use an expanding hydraulic cylinder to press against the inside of a rotating drum whereas a disc brake uses a calliper to hold the friction brake pads against the brake disc.

Why are Drum Brakes still on Modern Cars?

Drum brakes still exist on modern cars due to the low cost of manufacturing and the less complexity of the design. They are less expensive to produce due to the fact they need fewer parts than disc brakes. They tend to be only on the rear wheels and can function as a service brake and hand brake. 

Auto manufacturers continue to use rear drum brakes for two main reasons – lower cost and less complexity. Drum brakes are less expensive to produce because they require fewer parts than disc brakes. Unlike disc brakes, drum brakes can function as both a service brake and a parking brake.

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All our brake drums and shoes and other brake accessories are from trusted brands in the motoring industry, so you can count on them to be reliable and of excellent quality. Plus, our low-price promise means you can always expect great value too.

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