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Oil Temperature Sensors

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Here at GSF Car Parts, we have a range of oil temperature sensors that are essential for ensuring your oil conditions are correct for engine health.

Your oil temperature sensors prevent your engine from overheating, which can cause some serious damage to your expensive engine parts. So, it's important that you identify problems with it to ensure you're not risking your engine health.

Symptoms of a faulty oil temperature sensor can mean you're getting readings for cold fuel at all times, which can reduce your fuel economy and could even hinder your engine performance. You might even experience black smoke coming from your exhaust.

If you need to replace your oil temperature sensor, it's important that you get the right one for your vehicle. You can check this in your owner's handbook, or use our handy product finder tool. Simply enter your registration plate into the designated box and we'll show you all the oil temperature sensors that are compatible with your car. This includes automatic transmission oil temperature sensors and those for manual transmissions, too.

We stock plenty of other replacement car parts for your repairs, which includes plenty of sensors. Our selections include speed sensors, ABS sensor rings, and park assist sensors.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £25*, as well as a Click and Collect service available at all of our local branches. Shop for a transmission oil temperature sensor today.