Cruise Control Kits & Replacement Parts

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Order cruise control kits and replacement parts at GSF Car Parts. We have a wide variety of aftermarket parts and kits, so type your registration number into the box provided and confirm the make and model of your car. We can then direct you to the exact cruise control parts that you’re looking for, so you can be sure they're going to fit your vehicle.

Cruise control automatically maintains the speed of your car, allowing you to drive at a consistent speed without using the accelerator. It works by taking over the throttle control of the car. When cruise control is applied, the car maintains its present speed until the control is disabled again. It can make long-distance driving easier and less tiring, especially on motorways and dual carriageways.

However, if the cruise control system isn't working properly, it can be very dangerous — both for you and other road users. So, it is essential to ensure that any faulty cruise control parts are replaced when necessary.

Here at GSF Car Parts, we have replacement cruise control switches and clutch control switches, as well as cruise control kits, which contain all the parts you need to upgrade your car or completely replace the old system. Everything has been sourced from the most reliable brands, for quality you can count on at better than dealership prices.

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Order cruise control replacement parts with us today, and you'll qualify for free delivery over £25. Additionally, we also have a speedy Click and Collect service that allows you to pick up your new parts from one of over 70 branches as quickly as an hour after ordering. That's why it pays to shop with GSF Car Parts.