Ignition Cable Kit

Ignition Cable Kit

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Ignition Cable Kit (HT Leads, Ignition Cables)

HT Leads or ignition leads (sometimes called spark plug cables) are crucial to a car’s ignition system. These leads connect the ignition coil or distributor to the spark plugs, delivering the electricity required to create the spark to ignite the car’s fuel. Faulty HT leads often lead to a misfire or a rough-running engine and can be the cause of your engine failing to start altogether. At this point they will need to be replaced but it is important to find the right leads for your car.

Why Buy HT Leads from GSF Car Parts?

GSF Car Parts supply HT leads for most makes and models of car that use them and can help you to find the leads to suit yours. Available from more than 70 GSF stores across the UK and one extensive online store, every HT lead on offer from GSF is a reliable, high quality item; yours for a competitively low price.

All you have to do to find the right HT leads for your car is enter your registration number into the box provided. GSF Car Parts will direct you to the right HT leads for your needs.