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Drive Shaft

The drive shaft is an integral part of the makeup of a car, since they are used to transmit torque and rotation of the engine to the driven wheels. Driveshafts are made from steel or aluminium and deliver the power of the engine throughout the car in order to create the rotation of the wheels. These parts are subjected to great stress and must be strong enough to cope, without being too heavy to achieve successful movement. If your car is jolting, vibrating, clunking or experiencing other forms of extraneous noise, it may be the case that the drive shaft needs to be replaced. Read More

Why Buy Drive Shafts from GSF Car Parts?

Choose GSF Car Parts as your supplier of replacement driveshafts, with a variety of parts to cater to every major make and model of vehicle. GSF can help you to find the right drive shaft for your car, guaranteeing a successful repair, allowing you to get your car back on the road quickly.

All you have to do, to ensure that you buy the right drive shaft for your car is enter your registration number into the box on the left of the screen and we will direct you to a list of compatible driveshafts for your car.