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Low Beam Relays

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Here at GSF Car Parts, we stock a range of low beam relays for all makes and models of vehicle. Not sure which you'll need? Don't worry — our handy product finder tool will show you all of the parts we stock that are compatible with your car. Simply enter your registration number in the designated box to discover these.

Faulty headlights could be down to a number of reasons. For example, if there's a problem with one or both, this is usually due to burned out headlights which will need to be replaced as soon as possible. However, the headlamp adjustment sensors which are responsible for your low and high beam relays, may also be impacted. These relays cast light in downwards and upwards directions respectively, ensuring you see and can be seen when driving in poor conditions.

If your low beam headlights aren't working, you'll need to look whether it's the bulb, switch or relay that'll need replacing. If just one bulb fails to work in low beam mode, this may suggest it's just the bulb that needs replacing. However, most issues related to high or low beam headlights will typically need the switch or relay replacing. So, it's important you have the correct parts to carry out this part.

We have plenty of other lights and lens parts for you to browse. This includes headlamp range adjustment controls, bases, wiring harnesses, and more. So, you can ensure your headlights are working correctly and optimally.

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