Fuel Injectors

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Buy a new fuel injector for your vehicle with GSF Car Parts. We’ve got a massive selection of reliable fuel injectors from leading parts manufacturers to suit all makes and models of car.

Fuel injectors were introduced as a replacement to the carburettor in modern cars. They are integral to the fuel injection system, spraying just the right amount of fuel into the combustion chambers, which reacts with oxygen to power the engine. Unlike the old carburettor systems, modern injectors can greatly improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, as well as reducing pollution.

When replacing your car’s fuel injector, it’s important to ensure that you purchase the right type for your vehicle: you may need a petrol or diesel injector, depending on the type of car you have. To ensure you buy the right parts, all you have to do is enter your registration number into the box on the left of the screen then we will direct you to a list of compatible fuel injectors for your vehicle.

If you’ll be carrying out extensive repairs to your engine, then you might also be interested in our complete range of fuel and emissions parts, including EGR valves, fuel supply systems, and mixture formation accessories. All of our parts offer amazing value, so if you want to keep costs down by sourcing your own parts, or just prefer to carry out your own repairs at home, our ranges are ideal.

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