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At GSF Car Parts, we have a reliable range of sump plug washers and seals from renowned aftermarket parts suppliers. Our range is extensive and includes washers to suit all makes and models, so enter your vehicle's registration details to find the correct size and specification for your car.

The sump pan is located just underneath your car's engine and performs the function of catching excess engine oil. Once all the oil has moved through the engine, the oil is then redistributed back into the system.

As it's sometimes necessary to drain or flush the engine oil, there is a small valve on the underside of the pan called the sump plug, which can be loosened to remove excess oil. If the engine oil begins to leak out, it can have very serious consequences and even lead to a total engine failure. This is why sump plug washers are used to ensure a strong, leak-proof seal between the plug and the pan. 

If you suspect your sump pan might be leaking, then it's important to repair the seal as a matter of urgency. Our collection includes sump plug washers to fit most sump pans, so you should have no problem finding a quality replacement that will fix the issue and prevent against future leaks.

All of our sump plug seals are sourced from top auto brands, and we offer a fair price promise on all our products, so you can be confident you're getting a great deal. To find more service parts for your engine, shop our sump pans, sump plugs, and sump gaskets. You may also want to stock up on engine oil.

Buy a sump plug washer with us today. We offer free UK delivery on orders over £25, and you can also select our Click and Collect service if you’d prefer to pick up your new washers at a time that's convenient for you.