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Starting the car seems like such a simple process that many people don't give much thought to what happens every time we turn the key: we just flip the switch and go. But the ignition system is actually a complex series of moving parts all working in tandem, including the car battery, ignition switch, coil, contact points, condenser, distributor, sparking plugs and cables. All of these components must work together to produce a spark in the combustion chamber at exactly the right moment, igniting the mixture of petrol and air in the engine and getting the car moving.

If any of these parts aren't working as they should, the car won't start properly. For instance, if you've noticed that it takes several attempts to start the engine, the car cuts out when the engine is running, or the key just won't turn, it’s a sign that one of the ignition parts may be faulty. So, you'll need to inspect the problem and replace any parts as needed.

We stock every kind of auto ignition part you could need for your repairs, all at competitive prices that will help to keep the cost of maintaining your car as low as possible. Everything is sourced from the best auto brands out there, meaning you can trust that any replacements will be long-lasting and reliable. Be sure to shop our full range of service parts to find more products that will help service and maintain your vehicle.

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