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Make your journey smoother with our range of coil springs here at GSF Car Parts. These components are a key part of your suspension system and can prolong the life of your shock absorber, too.

Coil springs support the weight of your vehicle and absorb the impact from any uneven or bumpy roads. They act alongside your shock absorbers to keep your tyres on the ground, to make for an all-round smoother and more comfortable drive. Your coil springs can corrode quicker if you’re driving in wet and wintry conditions like ice, rain and snow, as well as from sudden impacts you might experience when driving too fast over potholes or speedbumps.

In this collection, you will find a range of coil springs for different makes and models of cars — if you need help choosing the right ones for you, simply enter your registration in the box above and we’ll direct you to the most compatible ones. We stock plenty of other springs and components, including coil spring lowering kits so you can reduce the height of your car, making the ride and handling feel firmer, as well as spring clamps to make the process of replacing broken coil springs less fiddly.

All of the products we stock comes with a low-price promise as well as free UK delivery so you’re guaranteed to find a bargain here. If you won’t be in for your package, we have a Click and Collect service available, meaning you can pick your order up from any of our branches nationwide. Shop now for your car coil springs.